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We are driven by our people-first approach

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Our Mission

The McLean Collective examines all aspects of the culture, creating customized solutions to enhance the working environment to develop a sense of belonging, acceptance, and inclusivity, increasing productivity and enabling all individuals to show up to the workplace as their authentic selves.

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Our Vision

We imagine a world where every human being is included and celebrated for the talent and skills they bring while being treated with the utmost respect and dignity. We’re committed to moving people and systems to a higher level of productivity in a holistic way.

We value diverse perspectives

Uplifting our community is at the heart of everything we do. It gives us purpose and motivates us to help you succeed.

Meet our Team

People are our passion

Zoë O’Brey

Zoë O’Brey

Curriculum Development and Training Specialist
Rosalind Harris

Rosalind Harris

Operations Assistant
Pam Carter

Pam Carter

Project Associate
Khamali Brown

Khamali Brown

Project Manager
Our Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Once again, Many Thanks for All of your ‘fantastic, exuberant, live, insightful, positive and resilient Energy’ which you recently put into our EAP Training up at Broome Developmental Center, Binghamton, NY. I felt empowered, alive, MUCH MORE Aware, and enlightened—for those Five Hours that we All passed together. I believe that we All walked away smarter, calmer, healthier and more educated in What Anger is, can be, How we can IDENTIFY it, How to work with AND process it, and How to really make it work FOR US positively—so to speak! Lastly AND Briefly—just plain ‘Thanks’, Ma’am!

You are THE BEST, hope to meet and learn from you, again, one day, also.

Alan P. NeJame

Social Work Assistant II Office of Mental Health
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