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Elevate Organizational Culture and Realize Your DEI Objectives

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Driving Meaningful Change

Our experts work hand in hand with your team to guide them in transitioning from strategic planning to tangible implementation.

We utilize a range of innovative techniques to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within your organization.


Our methodologies not only enhance workplace culture by creating a sense of engagement, value, and belonging, but also align with your overarching business strategy, ultimately propelling you toward attaining your goals for DEI.

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Policies & Protocols

Biases in policies and practices, both formal and informal, can create workplace inequities. Many organizations are addressing modern challenges such as:

As consultants, we assess your existing policies and suggest best practices to mitigate unintentional bias and enhance your organizational climate.

Talent Acquisition & Staff Retention

Creating inclusive hiring and retention strategies is essential for fostering organizational diversity. However, we find these common issues can hinder your DEI objectives:

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Strengthening Internal DEI Capabilities

Your DEI initiatives should create powerful and sustainable change. Our professionals will work directly with your team to:

Laying the appropriate groundwork and facilitating the first steps create the ideal environment for long-lasting cultural transformation. We also assist with and ensure Workforce Initiative groups are not sidelined, but receive the support they deserve to truly capture the voice of the people who have been marginalized.

Expert Equity Consultants

Equity recognizes the impact of structural barriers on individuals and organizations, highlighting the presence of racism, classism, sexism, ageism, and other forms of oppression within seemingly neutral systems. We work to:

Our highly trained consultants will educate and prepare your staff to foster an environment of equity in your organization.

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Our Testimonials

What People Are Saying

Working with the McLean Collective has been a transformational experience for my colleagues and me, and my deepest hope is that this transformation manifests itself in a more just and equitable environment for the children and families we serve. It can be difficult to confront your own world view, but Kathleen and Markia ensured that our conversations were rooted in knowledge, mindfulness, and respect which allowed for us to easily mesh as a group and truly challenge ourselves and one another. And that’s when beautiful, boundless growth happens!

Sara Salitan-Thiell

Social Worker North Colonie Central School District
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